Help & FAQ


    Best way to get ahold of us is on Facebook, Instagram, or direct email [email protected] We do our best to respond within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.
    Please join our Bootstrapfashion DIY Dress Form Support Facebook group to ask questions and share your progress.
    Search Bootstrapfashion DIY Dress form on YouTube, and search for Bootstrapfashion reviews on to learn more about the process.
    We sell several different dress form patterns- a custom measurement pattern, standard size patterns, and dress form cover pattern, so make sure to correctly purchase the one you want. Email us [email protected] with any problems.
    In general you might say the Missy Fit is for US sizes 2-12 and the Plus Size is size 14-28. But every body is differently proportioned, it is not always such a clean difference. The Missy Fit is for bodies that are not so curvy, the Plus Size pattern is for people whose bodies are more curvy.
    Sometimes the automated system makes this mistake. Just email us [email protected] and we will send you the pattern with seam allowance.
    The DIY dress form patterns have 10% negative ease on some of the horizontal measurements - bust, underbust, waist. Do not try to wear your dress from to check the fit, it is not meant to fit you. (The pattern for the dress form cover DOES NOT have any negative ease)

    If there is any problem with your pattern (measurements came out too big/too small, you input wrong measurements, you lost/gained weight, etc) we can reprocess the pattern for you. (We charge $2 for pattern reprocessing)

    We would recommend making a muslin/test since it is so much work and frequently the pattern you use for the dress form is very special, so you don't want to waste your good fabric.

    Sometimes the pattern comes out perfectly, and sometimes not. Every body is so unique and different, we are not yet able to have every pattern perfect yet. (YET!)

    If your body is not symmetrical, just send us an email [email protected] Purchase one pattern that reflects the measurements for one side of your body, and we can reprocess the pattern with measurements for the other half of your body, then you can Frankenstein the patterns together (We charge $2 for pattern reprocessing).