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    On our website, you can purchase custom sewing patterns for dress forms and clothes. Thanks to our unique fitting system, you get sewing patterns already fully prepared for your fitting. We do not sell ready-made garments.

    There are several types of products on our website.

    Dress forms:

    We have developed 3 kinds of products. You can buy a custom dress form pattern that you have to fill out with your measurements.

    For those who already have a standard dress form but want to make it fit their curves, the product is a custom dress form cover.

    You can also purchase not-customized patterns. It is available in standard sizes as downloadable PDF patterns in letter format. Sew your own pinnable dress form from scratch for better, more accurate fittings, pattern drafting, and draping. No extra dress forms or body taping are needed for this project.

    Sewing patterns for clothes

    All sewing patterns of clothes on our website are custom made for fit. Our products are divided into designer cutouts, swimwear, slopers, and patterns from section 5+.

    The products in the section on designer sewing patterns and those in the section on slopers and swimwear are full-fledged custom patterns that come with precise and step-by-step sewing instructions. Sowing patterns in Section 5+ are custom patterns without exact sewing instructions. They require a lot of time and possibly skills to be successful.

    Just choose the right product and enter your measurements. Follow the prompts in the pop-up images to correctly fill in the value of your parameters. Paying for an order, you must create an account. Payment is now available on our website through the pay-pal system. We are working on connecting to other payment systems.

    The two most commonly used formats for printing at home are Letter and A4. This depends on your country and location.

    Or do you have sewing instructions for this pattern? – Custom fit patterns from the dress forms section, swimwear, slopers, and designer sewing patterns all contain detailed instructions. You can find instructions in different languages at this link:

    We have some "budget-friendly" patterns that cost $5 or less, and those patterns do not come with sewing instructions.

    How can I reprocess my pattern? - We assist customers in reprocessing their patterns for a cost of $2. In this case, you are to send your new measurements to us via email and pay via PayPal to [email protected]. We do not change more than 6 measurements at a time unless the customer forgot to add fit adjustment measurements.

    Can your software work for me? Unfortunately, it can not. We have minimum and maximum measurement values. So it is advisable that you order using the minimum and maximum values and adjust your pattern manually to their size. For maximum values, they are: bust 60 inches, waist 60 inches, and hips 62 inches.

    The most common mistake is printing an A4 pattern on a letter-sized piece of paper. Be careful with the print format and please use calibration square on the large scale pattern format. If the calibration square is missing, you should contact our support and we will send you a new sewing pattern with a calibration square.

    We usually get this question a lot from customers that order the 36" PDF format. This pattern format is printed on a 36’ wide paper size. The width is 36", but the length is unknown. This is why we have the calibration square so that the print shop can use it in printing.

    Most often, this problem appears if you enter the wrong size values or if you simply need to clear your cache and cookies. Please contact our support if you still have this problem after checking the sizes and clearing the cookies.

    The PDF is a supported format which can be used in Adobe Illustrator.

    You need to send us an email to [email protected] and we will have the pattern sent to you.

    Most likely, you did not spell our email address correctly. It is a common mistake. Please check the email address for corrections or send us a message via Instagram and we will reach out to you.

    Please log into your Bootstrap Fashion account, and click on Account - My Account - My Custom Fit Patterns. Your patterns will be there for them to download. Additionally, you can send us an email and we will have the pattern sent to you.

    No, we would not recommend that. This is because the customizable patterns are made with negative ease on the horizontal measurements (bust, waist, and hips) to account for expansion when stuffed. On the other hand, the dress form cover is made without negative ease and would fit your body if worn to test.

    You ordered the large-scale paper formats (A0, 36" PDF, 47" PDF) which are best printed at a copy shop rather than the small-scale paper formats (Letter, A4, Legal) which can be printed at home. You should request pattern reprocessing.

    Best way to get ahold of us is on Facebook, Instagram, or direct email [email protected]. We do our best to respond within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.
    Please join our Bootstrapfashion DIY Dress Form Support Facebook group to ask questions and share your progress.
    Search Bootstrapfashion DIY Dress form on YouTube, and search for Bootstrapfashion reviews on to learn more about the process.
    We sell several different dress form patterns- a custom measurement pattern, standard size patterns, and dress form cover pattern, so make sure to correctly purchase the one you want. Email us [email protected] with any problems.
    In general you might say the Missy Fit is for US sizes 2-12 and the Plus Size is size 14-28. But every body is differently proportioned, it is not always such a clean difference. The Missy Fit is for bodies that are not so curvy, the Plus Size pattern is for people whose bodies are more curvy.
    Sometimes the automated system makes this mistake. Just email us [email protected] and we will send you the pattern with seam allowance.
    The DIY dress form patterns have 10% negative ease on some of the horizontal measurements - bust, underbust, waist. Do not try to wear your dress from to check the fit, it is not meant to fit you. (The pattern for the dress form cover DOES NOT have any negative ease)

    If there is any problem with your pattern (measurements came out too big/too small, you input wrong measurements, you lost/gained weight, etc) we can reprocess the pattern for you. (We charge $2 for pattern reprocessing)

    We would recommend making a muslin/test since it is so much work and frequently the pattern you use for the dress form is very special, so you don't want to waste your good fabric.

    Sometimes the pattern comes out perfectly, and sometimes not. Every body is so unique and different, we are not yet able to have every pattern perfect yet. (YET!)

    If your body is not symmetrical, just send us an email [email protected]. Purchase one pattern that reflects the measurements for one side of your body, and we can reprocess the pattern with measurements for the other half of your body, then you can Frankenstein the patterns together (We charge $2 for pattern reprocessing).