Online Fashion Business Course

    Online Fashion Business Course

    Did you know that only 1 in 160,000 designers 'make it' in the fashion industry?  Yet there are millions of budding, talented fashion designers who are trying to find their way to success in this fierce competitive industry. Most of them struggle to survive, some attain minor success and very few actually become successful, world-renowned profitable brands. Since we launched Mylinego, Inc and, thousands of aspiring and indie designers have approached us about recommending a fashion business course or a mentoring program focusing on how to start and build a successful fashion business. 

    Have you ever asked yourself what makes so many of the very talented designers fail? And what is the secret  of the very few that do accomplish  wild success?

    So if you assign this success to the talent, than also remember that greater numbers of extraordinary talented designers fail. So no, it's not the talent. And no, it’s not the start-up capital, either. Although, both do help a bit. Many of the world-renown designers started with no capital, yet built global fashion empires. Just consider Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Jill Sander, Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo and the list goes on and on.

    So please consider that what these very few designers knew and the strategy they implemented in running their fashion design business were radically different from the rest of the designer world.

    If you are one of those people who is dreaming to start your own fashion business or already started your own clothing or accessory line and are struggling to make your way in this challenging industry, then the Fashion Design Success business mentoring program is exactly what you need. And here is why!


    Let's say you already got some success with your fashion design label. You got some retail customers buying your pieces and even some of the boutiques have placed wholesale orders. But you would like to double-tripple-quadruple your sales and increase your brand awareness. And how about possibly getting some major retailers on board in a short time? What about increasing your net earnings, reducing your development and manufacturing costs and streamlining your operations? In this case Fashion Business Course is an invaluable educational program based on the real-life fashion business experience that was attained from decades of fashion industry success. This program will provide you with the business and commercial knowledge and wisdom to help you achieve your sales goals, build your fashion brand and start earning profits.

    But what about if you are a fashion design student or an aspiring fashion designer? Then this course is a must and here is why.

    Most Fashion design schools, although exorbitantly expensive, deliver extremely limited theoretical business knowledge. Those very few courses are created and taught by instructors who most likely never attained the world-class success in the fashion industry. Most fashion design schools will focus on teaching you pattern making, draping, sewing, illustrating and trend researching skills. And although these skills are valuable, however contrary to the most popular beliefs they are not the necessary skills in becoming successful in starting and growing your own fashion label.

    Frankly, I am going to insist that they are secondary to the keen fashion business savvy, marketing, branding, merchandizing and understanding of the workings of the fashion industry.

    So why do I recommend this program? Well, first of all this program is written by the successful fashion designer and award-winning entrepreneur, Annette Corrie, who is also an author, mentor and educator. Annette Corrie has had a long history of  business success and leadership, starting her 1st multi-million dollar fashion enterprise at age 15.

    In my opinion the most attractive aspect of this course is that it is created by someone who's been there and who has actually accomplished the success you are looking for. And from personal experience I know that the most important factor in successful education is following in the footsteps of people who have already achieved that which you are trying to do and replicating their success.

    It is written in a simple and easy to understand language, so that even a fifteen year old will get it. The course is very informative, to the point and offers step-by-step, easy to follow instructions and tons of essential downloadable business materials. 

    This program is specifically designed for fashion industry beginners to help them successfully launch their own clothing or accessories lines. 

    Their easy to follow instructions will take you through the process of building your own fashion brand, getting your designs manufactured by a sewing contractor, and then selling your designs to potential store owners, buyers and retail chains.

    It includes various manufacturing and supplier e-classes that will help with fabric and trim sourcing, and find the right sewing contractors/manufacturers.  You will also receive templates for tech packs, quality control checklists, supplier contracts, and order forms.

    There are various marketing e-classes designed to help you market your label and sell your designs. Some of the resources include PR contact lists, press release templates, marketing plan templates, social media training, and advice on how to build a large global following of your brand - both online and offline.

    And also If you are struggling with Illustrating or communicating you designs, there you will find fashion illustration figure templates (croquis) that will help you quickly, easily and professional draw your designs.

    Each week you will get a course material that tackles the following areas:

    Designing and planning your collection
    Registering your business name and website domain

    Developing trade drawings

    Using illustrator to draw your designs

    Sourcing the best fabric for your designs

    Printing your own fabric and making your designs unique

    Crowd sourcing

    Preparing your designs for manufacturing

    Manufacturing Tips: steps to getting garments made in volume!

    Labeling: adding the final touch!

    Funding - how to get a government grant!

    Manufacturers contact list

    Everything you need to know about Importing


    How to get more sales

    How to find fashion buyers

    How to present your designs to a fashion buyer!

    Buyers’ terminology and retail talk

    Size range

    Purchase orders and trade terms

    How to create a fashion catalogue

    Avoiding manufacturing disasters

    How to get your garments made with the right fit

    How to market your fashion label

    How to get free publicity for your label

    How to triple your profits


    How to set up your own online store

    How to setup an online store through Facebook

    Promotion Ideas for your online store through Facebook

    How to market your label on Facebook

    How to Market Your Label on Pinterest

    And last but not least I want to mention the amazingly affordable price of this course. Now imagine how much a course like that would cost, if you were taking it in the traditional college environment. I bet that at least $2,000 to $4,000. At least! Or imagine if you decided to hire a private fashion business consultant. They will charge you from $250-$500 per each consulting hour. And it would take numerous hours to deliver half of the information packed into this mentoring program.

    However, I asked Annette to create a very special pricing for the Bootstrap Fashion community of only $49/month, to make it affordable and accessible to anyone.

    So go ahead, give this course a try and save yourself years of painful learning experience and trying to figure it out all by yourself and start getting traction, sales, revenue and profits and ultimately become successful in the fashion world.