Instant PDF Download DIY Stuffed Dress Form Sewing Pattern in Standard Plus Sizes 16-28.


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    Instant PDF Download DIY Stuffed Dress Form Sewing Pattern in Standard Plus Sizes 16-28. Includes 7 Sewing Patterns in Letter (8.5"x11") Format, Complete Step-by-Step Sewing Photo-Instructions.

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    Please note that this is NOT a customized pattern and is available as Standard Sized instant download PDF patterns. Sew your own pinnable Dress Form from scratch for better fittings, pattern drafting, and draping. No extra dress forms or body taping is needed for this project.

    We included an explainer video, please scroll down to watch. Proceed to check out, as usual, using PayPal at the check out (or other payment methods such as Store Credit etc).

    What you will need:

    1. Self (Main) fabric: Small to Large sizes –1 ¼ yards (1.10 m), Large to Extra Large sizes –1 ¾ yards (1.50 m) Plus Sizes – 2 1/8 yards (2 m)

    2. Fabric-based fusible woven interfacing: Small to Large sizes –1 ¼ yards (1.10 m), Large to Extra Large sizes –1 ¾ yards (1.50 m) Plus Sizes – 2 1/8 yards (2 m) 3. Interlining/stabilizer – from 3/4 yards (0.80 m) to 1 1/4 yards (1m)

    4. Cardboard 6 sq.ft (0.6 sq.m).

    5. Sponge 3" (8 cm) in height, 7" (18cm) in width and 7" (18cm) in length; or stack 2x1.5" or 3x1" sponges.

    6. Zipper 7”-9” (18-23 cm) – 2 pieces.

    7. Craft glue.

    8. Small razor knife.

    9. Wooden, plastic or metal coat rack stand. The stand should be cut to reflect your height. The length of the stand is automatically calculated by the system and is listed on your pattern. You can also use a pre-manufactured adjustable dress form stand, which should not be cut. We provided the resources and links where you can buy the pre-manufactured stand and other supplies below. We did not use a pre-manufactured stand and the process might slightly differ from the proposed by us. You will need to know the diameter of the premanufactured stand and purchase a plastic tube (next point) to fit over the manufactured stand.

    10. Plastic pipe tube, diameter from 1 1/8” (3 cm) to 2” (5 cm). We recommend buying a 38" long pipe for standard heights and 48" for very tall. You will have to cut the pipe to the length, recommended on the pattern. This length is automatically calculated by the system to fit your unique height.

    11. Polyester Fiber Fill Poly-Fil: 5lb (2.3 kg) (smaller sizes) to 10lb (4.6 kg) (larger and plus sizes).

    BootstrapFashion License Information: Limited Commercial and Personal Use. The limited Commercial license is a non-exclusive license, which allows for selling of the finished dress forms in unlimited quantities for profit. However, resale of this pattern is strictly forbidden.

    HELP & FAQs

    How do I print my pattern
    on Letter/Legal Size Paper?

    How do I assemble patterns?
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    In general you might say the Missy Fit is for US sizes 2-12 and the Plus Size is size 14-28. But every body is differently proportioned, it is not always such a clean difference. The Missy Fit is for bodies that are not so curvy, the Plus Size pattern is for people whose bodies are more curvy.

    Sometimes the automated system makes this mistake. Just email us [email protected] and we will send you the pattern with seam allowance.

    The DIY dress form patterns have 10% negative ease on some of the horizontal measurements - bust, underbust, waist. Do not try to wear your dress from to check the fit, it is not meant to fit you. (The pattern for the dress form cover DOES NOT have any negative ease)

    If there is any problem with your pattern (measurements came out too big/too small, you input wrong measurements, you lost/gained weight, etc) we can reprocess the pattern for you. (We charge $2 for pattern reprocessing)

    We would recommend making a muslin/test since it is so much work and frequently the pattern you use for the dress form is very special, so you don't want to waste your good fabric.

    Sometimes the pattern comes out perfectly, and sometimes not. Every body is so unique and different, we are not yet able to have every pattern perfect yet. (YET!)

    If your body is not symmetrical, just send us an email [email protected]. Purchase one pattern that reflects the measurements for one side of your body, and we can reprocess the pattern with measurements for the other half of your body, then you can Frankenstein the patterns together (We charge $2 for pattern reprocessing).

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    This sewing pattern will NOT be custom fit to your measurements. The standard sized patterns without seam allowances are in Letter and A4 paper size format.

    When sewing, it is important to match notches and follow grain line direction.

    Please note that fabric amount recommendations are approximate and averaged for all sizes and may differ for your personalized pattern. 

    To calculate exact fabric amounts required, print and assemble paper patterns and lay them out on your fabric width (use paper or other fabric as a width guideline, if you do not yet have your exact fabric).



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